Geometrismo OP ART // TREND ALERT

Op-art is a visual artistic style that uses optical illusions. This artistic movement began in the 1930s with the works of Hungarian graphic designer and artist Victor Vasarely.


Use of visual aids (colors, shapes, etc.) to provoke optical illusions.
The images seem to have movement.
Combinations of simple geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles and triangles.
In many works, the observer must move around to visualize the effects of painting or sculpture. In this way, the observer participates actively.
Use of parallel winding or straight lines.
Use of few colors, black and white being the most used.
Hidden images that can be seen only from certain angles or by focusing on certain areas of the work.
Geometrismo // TREND SUMMER 2018

Following the pop style with a 60's footprint, the geometric and asymmetrical shapes stand out amidst the most classic flowers on dark backgrounds with contrasting elements. Ethnic and cashmeres also fit this trend, mixed with OP ART and traditional geometries. From the 70s, tie dye or dip dye effects take on new shapes and colors, always reinventing themselves with moorings, swirls or wrinkles.

Source of photos: Massimo Giorgetti fashion show 2017-2018 Fall Autumn Winter

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